Cheapest CCCam and MGCamd sharing server

Cheapest high-quality CCCam and MGCamd cardsharing server

The term "cardsharing" has occurred from two English words: Card (card) and Share (the common access). By other words it is the common access to a satellite smart card. Crucial difference of such receivers from their peers is that they are using Linux operating systemfor, therefore the experienced programmer can create custom softare for it.

One can really save monthly television expenses if he could distribute information about how to decrypt satellite television provider's signal to other receivers which are installed, for example, in the house. After all otherwise it would be necessary to purchase a separate smart card for each receiver. However technically the computer in an adjacent room does not differ from the computer on adjacent continent.

The matter is that because of licensing issues, small amount of planned abonents and the similar factors, all satellite broadcasters often HAVE NO POSSIBILITY to sell the product in particular country where satellite actually sends TV feed. In that case it is possible to obtain a source of codes to un-encode the encoded video stream for the tuner, without usage of an official smart card. Dreambox receives a dynamic code from  server which is actually plugged into a tuner with the paid provider's smart card.

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Thus, cardsharing is process where the information about dynamic code of the satellite TV provider is handled to other receivers. Remote receiver thus can receive the information, and use it to decode a stream from television satellite. Thus the client receiver (one of "other receivers") displays the decoded video stream from the satellite exctly the same way as IF SMART CARD WAS plugged into YOUR satellite receiver. That is without delays and to that similar. For this purpose the client receiver should be hooked up to a cardsharing server through a network the Internet, or LAN. Some special (though completely free) software should be installed on cardsharing server machine which distributes the information to clients of cardsharing. That receiver of the client knew where to send decoding requests, the server also should have a constant IP address in networks or a domain name.

Satellite receiver of certain type is necessary for cardsharing operation: Dreambox, DBox2, Relook and others. Special satellite receiver is necessary because coding algorithms all become more complex. Now normally key of a stream is refreshed each 15-20 seconds So even if to try a key, to look the channel 15-20 seconds will be possible only. After this time the signal scrambled with usage of a new key will come.

The cardsharing server should not be close to client receiver! Very often there is a situation when on the European channels officially to subscribe in the country it is impossible, and to look them it would be desirable. Here also comes to rescue cardsharing!

And here, you buy Dreambox, instal in it programs and buy access to a cardsharing server. Then change couple of lines in the configuration file of the receiver, reboot it and look satellite TV without an official map. Internet traffic consumption on the average does not exceed 30-40Мб for a month as requests of receiver-client and Dreambox server answers are gauged by couple kilobyte. However if you share smart card for the friends or relatives on a local area network the Internet, of course, is not required. Besides you for it hardly can punish because you actually play back the information not publicly, and within the limits of a local area network. And it to prohibit it is impossible, at least while nobody was gathered. Also cardsharing could be good (though also semilegal) solution for small hotels, bars and similar institutions. After all possibility to show to the visitors, for example, hot satellite sports channels, can sharply lift similar business upwards.

As a cardsharing server receiver on which it is possible to instal the programs can be used, allowing to realise this functionality of tuners Dreambox and some other. Also the original map which inserted into the programmator and has been hooked up to this computer is necessary. The client of cardsharing the same can be Dreambox or the DVB-card installed in the computer (SS2, SS3, etc.). Cardsharing support also some other modern satellite receivers.

You buy access to a sphere, to you give the server IP address, a login and the password. You customise on receiver ON and look. Traffic consumption depends on many parametres, but on the average it does not exceed 1Мб in an hour review.

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